GE Vivid 3

GE Part Number Description
2253033-2 PCB: Front Board and TR4 Assembly
2253033-3 PCB: Front Board and TR4 Assembly
2418129 PCB: TR4 Board
2336022-2 Monitor 15” with Base
2306835-6 Monitor 17” with Base
066E0007 Footswitch
2269309 Speakers (pair)
2274623 Keyboard Trackball
2253043 Keyboard Matrix Assembly English
2315842-7 BEP Vivid™ 3 Assy Basic
2346011 BEP2 Power Supply
H40602LM Probe: C721 (Curved)
H40212LF Probe: I739L Linear
H4701SZ Probe: 3S Sector
H4000P Probe: 7S Sector
H40422LA Probe: 5S Sector
H40412LG Probe: 10L (739L) Linear
H40412LH Probe: 39A (12L) Linear
H4901PC Probe: 10S
H40212LM Probe: T739L Linear
H40412LF Probe: 7L (546L)
H45521DX Probe: 6T OR
H45001YE Probe: 8T (PED TEE)
H45521DY Probe: 9T (PED TEE)
H4830JE Probe: Pencil P2D
H4830JG Probe: Pencil P6D
H40602LN Probe: E721 OB/GYN 1
H45511NW Probe: i8L Linear
H45511NT Probe: i13L Linear
H45011PT VCR Mitsubishi HS-MD3000E S-VHS RS232C
H45011PN VCR Mitsubishi HS-MD3000U S-VHS RS232C NTSC
H45001PG VCR Cassette – S-VHS
H45001PW Sony UP2800P PAL Color Video Printer – with shelf
H45001JC Sony UP2800P PAL Color Video Printer – no shelf
H45001JD Sony UP2950MD NTSC Color Video Printer – no shelf
H45001PY Sony UP-21MD PAL/NTSC Color Video Printer – no shelf
H45001PZ Sony UP-21MD PAL/NTSC Color Video Printer – with shelf
H45021FZ Sony UPD 897MD B/W Video Printer
H45011PZ HP Deskjet 6540/3 Color Printer
Głowice / Probes
C358 -
C721 Curved abdominal -
I739L Linear Intro Op -
3S -
7S -
5S -
10S -
Adult/ peds Cardiac probes -
L7 -
L10 -
Small parts -
Vascular probes -
6 T TEE -
E721 Endovaginal probe -

Aparat ultrasonograficzny Vivid 3

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