GE Vivid Q

GE Part Number Description
5390022 VGA Splitter
S2420027 LCD Panel Kit
S2422471 LCD Panel Kit
2410809 LCD Panel Kit
5376323 Vivid-q™ Operator Panel without ECG
5376322 Vivid-q™ Operator Panel without ECG
S2423359 Keycap Kit
S2423463 Keycap Kit Vivid q™ BT09
S2423360 Trackball
S2423267 Internal Battery Pack (Black)
5396104 DC-DC RoHS Module
S2403248-4 DC Power Supply LV and HV
5391062 AC/DC Mitac w/Reverse Polarity Preventor
2378947-3 AC Adaptor (ROW)
5423275 Internal Battery Assy. Pack RSPL Kit
5439596 DC-DC PS RoHS Module RSPL Kit Vivid q
S2424596 SATA BEP Service Kit
2421594 BEP Service Kit
S2424594 SATA Hard Disk Service Kit
5437643 Western Digital 160 G hard disk
5446418 SATA Hard Disk RSPL Kit
S2418295 RFI Board AM
S2423369 TR32 -V12 Board
S2354258-7 TR32 -V7 Board
2354258-7 TR32 Board
5420885 Probe & MUX Assy.
2412826 Fans and Speakers Kit
5394901 External Respiratory Interconnection Box Kit
5394902 ECG/Respiratory Board Assy. Kit
R2421861 ECG Module Assy. Rev 3
S2423364 Probe: AquNav Umbilical Cord
5131629 Probe: 4C – RS
2354971 Probe: 8C – RS
2376127 Probe: 8L RS
5154514 Probe: 12L – RS
5116678 Probe: i12L – RS
2355686 Probe: 3S- RS
5135960 Probe: 5S- RS
47236956 Probe: 6S- RS
2377059 Probe: 7S- RS
2377040 Probe: 10S- RS
47237516 Probe: 3Sc- RS
KN100104 Probe: 6Tc – RS
KN100093 Probe: 6T – RS
KN100073 Probe: 9T – RS
2411689 Probe: P2D – RS
2411690 Probe: P6D – RS
5308250 Probe: M4S – RS
2420124 TEE RS Probe Adaptor
2290777 Probe: e8C-RS
5213143 Probe: 9L-RS
5459596 Probe: 12S-RS
5455533 VS5_S6 and Vi_q BT12 M4
5451458 AUO LCD
2410810 Cable and Flex Kit
5443867 AUO LCD Cable and Flex RSPL Kit
2412094-16 Cable: Vi Power Cable
2411889 Cable: USB to SCSI Converter
2418831-2 Cable: ECG Cable – USA
S2424549 Cable: Trunk Cable Service Kit (for USA)
S2424557 Cable: Lead Wire Kit USA (black, red, white)
2422175 Cable: USB to SCSI Converter RATOC
5435636 GND Docking and USB Right Angle RSPL Kit
5435719 AC Adaptor Cable Protection Support Assy
5435406 Cables for VGA Splitter
S2424581 Cable: Pediatric ECG Cable USA -Service Kit
2413451 Cable: External ECG (Respiratory)
S2423965 Cable: Kit for Samsung DVD T084M/ESBN
5435406 Cables for VGA Splitter
S2422980 Cart Main Cable Harness Kit
S2422986 Peripherals Power OUT Cable
S2423489 USB & Network Cables Kit
2269460-2 Cable: Vi Cart Power Cable USA/Canada
5400905 Cable: Peripheral Power Cable Kit
S2423305 AC Distribution Assy 220-240V
S2423349 AC Distribution Assy 100-120V
S2420132-2 AC Power Jumper Set (100-120 V & 220-240 V)
S2423307 Gas Spring
S2423344 Screw Kit for SafeLock Cart
2415041-2 Front Wheel Kit (contains one wheel)
2415042-2 Rear Wheel Kit (contains one wheel)
5376586 DVD Holder
S2421050 DVD Holder
S2422973 Upper Metal Sheet Support
S2422979 Upper Cover Rear
S2422975 Main Column
S2422974 Top Shelf Kit
S2422976 Lower Shelf Rear Cover Cart Kit
S2422977 Lower Shelf Package Assy
S2422972 Probe Shelf Assy Kit
S2422978 USB Hub
S2423250 Handrest
S2423242 LAN Holder
S2422981 Safety Lock
S2422983 Probe Cable Hooks
S2422984 AC Cable hook
S2422985 Pencil Probe Holder Kit
2417221 External Battery Charger
5404430 Cart Bumper Kit
5405025 ECG Protected Connector Kit
2421141-2 Stand-alone DVD Samsung
2421169 Medical Grade 5V Power Supply for DVD Samsung Universal
2418301 Medical Grade 5V Power Supply for DVD Addonics
2417388-2 Wireless Network Interface – Americas
2417965 Digital B/W Video Printer(Sony UP-D897MD)
2401985 Digital Color Video Printer (Sony UP-D23MD)
066E9513 VCR Mitsubishi HS-MD30000E RS-232C PAL S-VHS
066E9514 VCR Mitsubishi HS-MD30000U RS-232C NTSC S-VHS
2412280 VCR Video Encoder
5114058 Modem USB
2411544 USB Flash Card (512MB)
2417993-2 DVD-RW Addonics
066E0677 MO Drive 9.1GB 5.25″ Ext
066E0661 USB Harddrive 2TB with RAID1
5389821 Printer: HP8000
5389822 Printer: Sony UP-D25MD
066E0429 Printer: CP2025 (230-240V)
066E0428 Printer: CP2025 (110V)
S2423332 Printer: Professional Inkjet HP5400K
2411550 Printer: Portable Deskjet HP-450BCI
S2424628 Printer: Deskjet Mobile Printer HP470 Service Kit
5391285 Wireless Network Interface USB Kit
KTZ196270 Footswitch (GP26)
5453333 HP100 Deskjet Mobile Printer RSPL Kit
5442405 Wireless Network Interface USB RSPL Kit

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